Internet Projects
Global IT Project Portfolio Management (GITPPM)
This system is designed for use by the Executive function in UBS, Switzerland to monitor its multi-billion dollar IT project portfolio and facilitate IT budgeting, planning and control processes.
Web based card registry service
Internet based service for registering any type of commonly used cards (credit, debit, ATM, discount, store etc.).
Scheduling system for Document translation
A web based solution that facilitates the submission and retrieval of any documents that need to be translated from one language to another.
Integrated Media Advertising System
The web based system will be used to co-ordinate all activities from getting an Advertiser’s order up to the final placement of the advertisement on the selected platforms/sites.
Linguistics product suite testing
LexiBuild and LexiQuest are the two modules of LexiWare linguistic product suite for retrieving better search results when accessing textual information from the web or any other source.
Productisation of SKIP
Productisation of SKIP software used to protect corporate networks connected over public networks
ProcessView 500
ProcessView is a Distributed Directory Service(DDS) Product for the Internet.
Avionics data Recording Subsystem
A dual-redundant subsystem for data management including storage, retrieval and updation for a real-time aeronautical application.
SNMP Protocol Implementation on a Dedicated Print Server
Implementation of SNMP Agent and Manager in an embedded system for a dedicated LAN including the handling of enterprise MIBs.
Video Server Management
Generation of enterprise MIBs and distributed agents to manage a Video Server complex
Multi-Protocol Interface
A software for companies who seek services from agencies like Reuters, Bloomberg etc. for information exchange and transparent protocol translation
Emulation of Avionics Gadgets
Functional emulation of more than 15 Remote terminals for verification of Bus Controller Software
Multifunctional Keypad (MFK)
Software used for communicating to the pilot about the status of various equipments and navigation in an aircraft
Message Capture and Analysis
Software to help capture and analyze the encoded messages transacted on the 1553 Bus using SBA 100v instrument and BCRTM monitor.
Integrated Test Suite
A range of tests to verify the functionality of various avionic gadgets. Flexible and configurable test scenarios
Bus Loading Automated Software Tool (BLAST)
Software system which encompasses various Bus related modules helping to create and maintain the necessary databases required by software like Bus driver and Remote Terminal (RT) emulation
Integrated Pre-Flight Message Generator
Software used in modern flight simulation scenarios to capture data and create files for analysis by the Operations Flight Program (OFP)
Banking and Finance
Mutual funds software product
An Oracle - Developer2000 based product dealing with mutual fund transactions
Assets Management
A three-tier client/server application for Asset Management for a leading Swiss bank.
Integrated Payment Services (IPS)
An application front-end to internal payment and accounting system for funds transfer through checks etc.
Regional Payroll System
Software to cater to the payroll requirements of various branches of Deutsche Bank spread across 10 countries in South East Asia.
Customization of MICROBANKER (MBx), a corporate banking product of CITICORP with some retail banking features.
CD Sound Effects Organizer
Software for the audio labs for managing a database of CDs, covering of elaborate details of each track and index and creating a play-list for picking the desired sound effect by identifying a CD-TRACK-INDEX.
CD Juke Box
This software allows users to select and play numbers from different CDs based on artist, category, music company etc.
This is a computer based training and evaluation package in two modules; one for schools and the other for students.
Digital On-line Non-linear Editor (DONE)
An integrated on-line audio-video editor so that the user can view the edited results directly on the screen and make the necessary adjustments immediately.
Application Projects
Projects done On-Site for OEMs