Regional Payroll System
The Regional Payroll system caters to the Payroll related requirements of Deutsche Bank. The software is intended to be implemented in fifteen branches located in ten countries in South East Asia.

The software is developed in Oracle 7.0 with Pro* C interface and runs on NCR Unix. The software runs on a multi-user environment under the Banyan Vines network.
The main features of the software are:

Highly Parameterised Software
As the payroll processing and computational rules vary from nation to nation, the core module of the software is highly parameterised and flexible in design, so as to cater to varied requirements, both current and future.

Catering to Legal Requirements
As the tax laws and regulations vary from country to country, the software provides for facilities for the user to specify country specific legal regulation rules and processes them automatically. The software also generates all the statutory reports for every country.

The system satisfies the requirements related to the "Four Eye Principle" followed by the Bank. Any transaction entered in the system becomes valid only on authorisation. The system allows for user profiles to be added and automatically provides them the required user access rights. Each user, therefore gets a view of the system that he is permitted to get.

Audit Trail
The system records all events on authorisation. The events include online maintenance actions, undoing of changes and batch operations. The system provides a detailed audit trail by recording both the Before and After Images of every maintenance that is performed by the user. The system provides for online inquiry of Audit log and report generation.

Context sensitive Help and Uniform User Interface
The system provides for comprehensive help to the users and provides a very uniform user interface.

Interface with HR 2000
The system provides comprehensive interface with HR 2000, the Bank's strategic Human Resources Information software.

Interface with IDMS
The system provides General Ledger accounting handoffs to IDMS, the Bank's comprehensive Banking software.