Classware is a computer based training and evaluation package. For teachers, Classware provides a simple and easy to use testing, evaluation and performance analysis tool. For students, it provides a self-study environment. It trains them interactively and tests the skills acquired. Classware comes in two modules; one for the schools and the other for the students. This software is developed under, MS-Windows.

The school module is an authoring system which allows teachers to create and maintain training material in the form of multiple choice questions. These questions can be classified under various subjects and chapters, thereby helping them maintain huge question banks. Once created, these banks can be used as interactive tutorials or as a database which teachers can use to automatically set papers.

Teachers do not have to spend hours, the night before the exam setting papers. Just a few minutes with Classware before the exam and they can have any kind of test paper they want. Once the test is complete, they do not have to spend their precious time correcting answer papers. Classware does this for them. Classware also generates a number of statistical reports which would be of use in analysing the students' or class performance.

Students can be initially trained using Classware's interactive questioning facility. When they are sufficiently trained, they can try the quizzing feature and then move on to take a test. Tests are conducted after mock runs in a simple and user friendly fashion. A student who is exposed to a PC for less than a month, should be able to use Classware to take a test. The performance of the students in these tests are evaluated on-line and a number of reports which would be of great help to the schools can be generated.

Classware incorporates graphical images, fonts, symbols, bitmaps and audio-visual animation clips to attract the student's attention and interest. It incorporates good protection and security features. All the question banks and reports are encrypted. Apart from displaying questions in the standard text and graph formats, Classware can display animation clips in the standard '.AVI.' file format. Most video capture products are now capable of capturing live video (with the help of video card and camera) and storing them in '.AVI.' format files. Classware allows you to display these clips to be used as part of your training.

Classware automatically detects the existence of a MS-WINDOWS compatible sound card and enables the audio features based on this. The user can optionally switch on/off the audio features. Additionally, Classware incorporates a text-to-speech converter that reads out hints and selected menu options if a sound card is available.