Video Server Management

The HP MediaStream Server is a product designed to provide Video-On-Demand (VOD) features for broadband distribution of video content. The scope of the project was to provide SNMP support for the server complex.

The Video Server complex comprises of a network of HP-UX and HP-RT (real time Unix) systems. All the real-time critical code executes on HP-RT while administrative processes execute on the HP-UX system. Only the HP-UX system is visible to the external world as the other systems are protected by a firewall. Hence, any management requests are targeted at the HP-UX system. The software architecture was based on the master-agent/sub-agent paradigm. The master agent executes on the HP-UX system while the subagents execute on the other systems. They communicate between themselves using a lightweight protocol. A unique and effective method was arrived at to enable management stations to query the master agent for MIB variables maintained by the various other systems.

The SNMP modules underwent successful acceptance and factory tests and were included in the official market release of the MediaStream Server

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