CD Sound Effects Organizer
This software is targeted at the audio labs. It manages a database of CDs in store, covering elaborate details of each track and index. The software then lets you create a play-list picking the desired sound effect by identifying a CD-TRACK-INDEX. This play list is then invoked in real-time by time-coded triggers from an external device like MIDI. A number of features help in the creation, maintenance and query of the CD database on indices, synonyms and key-words.
CD JukeBox
The Sound effects organizer mentioned above is modified to create a software jukebox. This allows users to select and play numbers from different CDs based on artist, category, music company etc. Supports multiple CD changers which can all be controlled through a serial interface. The Disc Jockey version of this software (CD Jukebox) has an auditing facility to clock all numbers played from different recording companies.
Digital On-line Non-linear Editor (DONE)
This is an integrated on-line audio-video editor. Designed under MS Windows, this helps in creating edit lists for movie producers. It can take inputs from a camera, film or an industrial VCR. With dedicated Audio- video and compression boards, DONE, shows and stores high quality images on-line. In addition the images can be enhanced by titling, special effects, multi-layered video and high quality multi-tracked audio. Key features like large storage (60 hrs+), real time dissolves and wipes and picture in picture. This product is still under development.
An authoring system. Working under MS Windows, this software acts as a shell allowing one to create dedicated training and evaluation software modules. Hence a number of well targeted and/or dedicated multi-media training modules can be churned out in practically no time. Classware supports creation and maintenance of questions, interactive training, paperless exams and statistical reports on a number of students. The product supports questions having text, graphics, audio and video clips. The questions are stored as multi-level banks of subjects, disciplines and topics and can have associated reading material and hints. Classware has good security features to avoid misuse of data banks, exam papers or scores.