QFx Sound Effects Organizer
Qfx sound effects organiser is a multimedia product under MS-WINDOWS, intended for the audio recording studios in the film industry. It can be used to define the playback sound track for a movie by allowing easy selection of the required sound effects. These sound effects can be put into a list which can be played automatically, based on external triggers.

Qfx maintains a database of CDs and provides fast access based on the keywords. It enables quick creation of playlists, through its drag and drop features. It also allows the users to setup triggers to synchronise audio playback with external triggers. Software supports powerful search features like maintaining multiple search levels, setting up filters, maintaining the search history, undo/redo features, search on partial/whole/synonyms keywords. The playlist handles external SMPTE based time code triggers, MIDI triggers and console triggers to play the appropriate tracks.

This software is capable of supporting various types of CD changers. This is achieved by maintaining separate DLLs for each CD changer. The commands issued by the software are automatically routed through the appropriate DLL to the corresponding CD changer. Qfx uses a custom drag & drop feature to enable the creation of playlists, bins and also to play or delete the selected tracks.

QFx provides extensive on-line context-sensitive help. It has been designed with an international market in mind. Since all the displayable resources required are stored in a separate DLL, it is possible to change the language to any other by just changing the DLL.