Digital On-line Non-linear Editor (DONE)
Q2 is a computer based digital online non-linear editing system. It allows online editing of films so that the user can view the editing results directly on the screen and make the necessary adjustments immediately. It provides non-linear random access to clips of films from which the user can select and compose to form the final edited film.

The process involves capture of film from tape to computer, editing and output in standard formats. Q2 can capture film from PAL and NTSC equipment. The analog input from the tape device is digitized, compressed and then stored on disk. The compression ratio is selected by the user based on the quality of the video required for editing.

Editing can be done on the captured data without actually playing the source tape again. During the process of editing Q2 makes use of two monitors, one to display the clips available for editing and the other which display simulated input and output tape devices.

Q2 incorporates a number of motion and transition (2D & 3D) effects which the user can avail. With the use of sophisticated hardware, most effects are rendered in real-time. Additionally the user can create upto four virtual channels of video to perform layering and other editing special effects.

While capturing video from tape, synchronized audio is also captured and digitized. Based on the requirement, the user can record the audio at various quality levels like CD, FM, etc.. Q2 allows upto four physical channels to be input into the system or output from the system. It provides upto 24 virtual channels for editing, mixdown and final synchronization with video.

The final Output can be obtained in the form of Auto-assembly, Edit Decision Lists or Cut-Lists.

Q2 has been developed for Windows NT using Visual C++. It has been designed as a multi-user version so that a number of users can work on the same film at one time. It has taken approximately 10 man-years to develop it.