Customisation of MICROBANKER (MBx), a corporate banking product of CITICORP. MBx has some retail banking features also. It is a product developed on Business Basic (BBx) from BASIS INTERNATIONAL USA. MBx and BBx are available on both LAN and UNIX. The hardware for Customisation is WIPRO LANDMARK and the O/S is Wenix 3.2.
MBx consists of various modules like,
Foreign Exchange
Funds Transfer
Money Market
Interest and Charges
Loans and Deposits
Letters of Credit
Electronic Messaging Service
Standing Instructions
Expenses Processing
Nostro Reconciliation
Central Liability

The customisation consisted of packing the amounts into bin and retrieving them in decimal formats. Also the corresponding screen layouts, input and display masks and report formats had to be changed. Our teams were involved in impact analysis, test plan preparation and also the actual customisation of the modules.