Productisation of PCSKIP
The internet is widely being used for corporate and commercial transactions. Being a public network this has created security concerns for corporate and individual users. Hence a number of products are being developed for addressing the security concerns and they are popularly called 'firewalls'. The security on internet is largely based on encryption/decryption and authentication methodologies.

PCSKIP is a single-user Internet Security product by a Moscow based company.It is based on SKIP (Simple Key management for Internet Protocol), developed by SUN Microsystems to provide security over public networks.

The products developed using SKIP are basically used to protect corporate networks connected over public networks. It essentially creates a virtual private network over public networks.

Fusion was assigned the job of productising PCSKIP and introducing it in the global market. The project involves productisation of PCSKIP for WIN-95 and WIN 3.11 environments. The work involved:
Writing all system documents such as Functional specifications, Software Requirements Specifications, Test Plan and Test Description, Documents & User manuals
Informal testing
Formal testing
White box testing using code walkthru and Unit Testing
A team of eight engineers were on the project to meet strict deadlines for the Beta Release.

In extension to this, we would be productising PCSKIP under Unix and other dedicated environments. Then the products would be supported at key-customer-sites in Europe and South-East Asia. Fusion would also maintain the code and provide technical support for future versions of the products.