Multi Protocol Interface
Most of the big companies need to maintain their financial information with a centralized service provider. Agencies like Reuters, Bloomberg, Telekurs and others provide facilities by which these companies can reach a wider network of users. But, this calls for maintenance of multiple formats of information as these service providers have their own proprietary protocols for information exchange.

Multi Protocol Interface software allows users to convert information from one service provider to another. Hence a user can create the information in one format, say Reuters, and send that to any others, like Telekurs or Telerate, without additional efforts.

The key features of MPI included the following:
Simultaneous access to Multiple serial ports using Digiboard
Multiple record types for each service provider
Excellent GUI
Sophisticated expressions in output records
Distributed processing - connected through TCP/IP; multiple GUI-handlers can be working on pages with a single protocol handler
Listen/Observe/Datascope facilities for monitoring
Failure backup with active-passive systems; passive taking over on failure of active system
User-group management
Password protection
Fully configurable channels
Context-sensitive help

The highlight of the design is that the product is being developed with Distributed Processing. The protocol handling module and the GUI module which handles all page formats exist as distinct modules communicating through TCP/IP. Hence there can be multiple users operating the GUI with a single protocol handler running on different machines.