Emulation of Avionics Gadgets
Software to emulate Remote Terminals for three independent bus controllers were designed and developed for Avionics Test Rig to test the embedded software of the Main Computer.

These sub-systems were emulated using a 1553 IBM AT interface card under DOS environment. The remote terminals consists of sensors, cockpit instruments and data loading and retrieval sub- systems. These sub-systems were emulated using powerful graphics co-processor cards and touch sensitive screens. The emulation consists of implementation of 1553 bus transitions as per the interface control document (ICD), functional emulation and powerful error injection facilities.

The following remote terminals were emulated

MFK, Multi-Function Keypad
FSP, Function Selection Panel
SGU (HUD, LMFD and RMFD) Symbol Generator Unit
EMS, Engine and Electrical Monitoring System
DHMS, Digital Hydraulic Monitoring System
DFMS, Digital Fuel Monitoring System
ECS, Environment Control System
RALT, Radio Altimeter
VUHF, Very Ultra-High Frequency
IFFG, Identify Friend or Foe air to ground
CCU, Command Coding Unit ( Backup Bus Controller )

These remote terminals support extensive error injection and miscellaneous facilities to study the behavior of the embedded bus controller and operational flight software of main computer under abnormal conditions. The various facilities provided apart from the functional emulation of the remote terminals are

Disabling and Enabling of Channels
Display of System Related Data like Minor Frame and Time
Disabling and Enabling of Status word bits
Message History
Edit and Display of identification data
Continuous display RT status like channels and status word bits
Edit and Display of power-on configuration
Display and editing of mode and status words