Projects Done On-Site for OEMs
Functional ATE System - Telecom
The client in this case was a multinational telecom giant specialising in the manufacture of cellular mobile phones based on the GSM system. Responsibilities included porting the existing ATE software meant for a set of RF Test & Measurement instruments to a different set of such instruments. The platform involved in both cases were MS Windows on Pentium based systems. Additional libraries were also done to make the new system compatible with the existing system.

Another project involved fixing up bugs for the existing ATE setup. Parts of the program were not working, and needed extensive knowledge of the complete test system to fix up those bugs. This test system also rested on the GSM system. A shell program (Sequencer) was also involved. The platform in this case was HP-UX on HP9000 series HP workstations.

A Graphical programming language was involved in both the above projects (HP VEE), along with various instrument drivers. In a few cases, function libraries had to be built up, in instances, where full-fledged instrument drivers were not available.
Functional ATE system - Health Care
The client for this project was a multinational giant specialising in many fields. This concerned plant specialises in manufacturing XRay and Roentgen machines. The existing Genrad system was being phased out by a new type of test system. A new test system was developed to test the PCBs coming out of the production line, meant for the XRay machines. The platform used was MS Windows on a Pentium. The programs were developed on a graphical programming language (Labview) along with the usage of a Test Executive (HP TestExec SL). This project also required learning the testing procedures which were earlier coded in ENCOMPASS software of the Genrad Test System.
Functional ATE system - Micro Controller
This project was similar to the previously mentioned project, but for an additional software called WaveLink, which was to be used for designing, creating, downloading and testing programs into a Logic Analyser for testing micro controller and Dual Ported RAM based circuits. This project used MS Windows on a Pentium along with Solaris on Sun Sparc system 20.
Message Generator
This is a Unix application running in a HP-UX environment. It is used as a test tool to test the Billing Mediation Platform (BMP) application binaries that are currently part of BMP v2.0 system and the ones which are going to be developed by third parties. Completely involved in the design, coding, implementation and testing of the Message Generator. This was developed in C++ under HP-UX. Tools used included Rogue Wave Tools (provides C++ class Library).
Service Order Provisioning system for Telecom 95 demo held in Geneva on October 1995
The demo was meant for providing the service order provisioning feature on the BMP platform (Telecom application). The demo involves mainly two separate Unix processes running on the HP 9000 machine. One does actual billing and the other does provisioning. The other process running on a PC provides graphical picture of the provisioning job. Was involved in the development of stubs for all the three processes. Was developed in C++/C for Windows 3.1 under HP-UX/PC-COE.
Billing Mediation Platform
Billing Mediation Platform is used to collect and optionally process billing information from telephone Network Elements and distribute it to post processing system through different communication features. Several BMP systems may be combined into a network where billing information and alarms can be sent between BMP systems. Involved in the coding and testing of message classes which follows a hierarchy and used in the communications between the various modules of BMP. Also responsible for the maintenance of Message Hierarchy interfaces. Developed in C++ under HP-UX, and included the use of Rogue Wave tools.