Banking and Finance
Fusion has been developing software related to the financial industry for over 12 years. The areas covered include:
Account administration
Bank remittance systems (cash/other transactions, transfers/payments)
Branch automation - mainly payroll, personnel information, term deposit systems, etc.
Performance analysis / financial forecasting
Share/debenture accounting/management systems
Securities/portfolio/mutual funds management systems

Some of the projects executed in the above areas are:

Global Information Technology Project Portfolio Management (GITPPM)
Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has a multi-billion dollar portfolio of IT projects. These projects are spread across a large number of organizational units and hundreds of initiatives. In the absence of a high level reporting tool that aggregates the data from these various projects, it is impossible to identify and fix problem as they are, take informed decisions and closely monitor critical parameters like cost and schedules. Any failure in this regard can lead to long-term inefficiencies and ineffective utilisation of the IT budgets. Global Information Technology Project Portfolio Management (GITPPM) system is a tool, that will provide a set of high level reports, that would help in gaining an insight into the banks IT project portfolio and enable the senior management to use this information effectively in the budgeting and planning processes.
This is a mutual funds management software, developed for a banking software company in Geneva, Switzerland. Most of the financial organisations now offer some kind of investment fund, with some big ones also offering many funds with minor and major differences. Multifund is used to maintain different Mutual Funds in any financial organization. Using Multifund, one can easily create new funds and maintain fund details. Multifund can accept any kind of financial instrument, like futures and options. Multifund automatically calculates NAV for the share. It also works out fund valuations and performance analysis. It has a full accounting system, which can use both transaction and value date. The fund can be managed in any type of currency. It also keeps track of Statutory requirements in various stock exchanges. Security has been taken care of at various levels. The product is very easy to use, with the user able to get relevant information by changing a few parameters. Multifund also generates various reports. Multifund is developed using Oracle 7.1 and Forms4.5/Reports2.5
Share and Debenture Management System
The project involved capturing and updation of Data of Share and Debenture Holders, Share and Debenture Transfers and various Reports like Memorandum of Transfers, Distribution Schedule, Tax Calculation, Printing of Annexure to Form 27, TDS Reports and Form 16A, Calculation and Printing of Dividend/Interest warrants, etc.
CoreBank (A front-end banking application)
This provides for on-line banking transactions and functions like opening of accounts, cash and cheque clearances, issue of cheque books, loans, deposits and cards. This also takes care of clearing balances and for teller withdrawal upto the limit available for the particular branch. The software provides the facility to capture details about add-on card availed by the card holder and calculates the interest for the cash withdrawals through the ATMs. This has inbuilt security features for purposes of authorisation.
Regional Payroll System
The Regional Payroll System caters to the payroll related requirements of an International Bank. The software is implemented in 16 branches across 11 S.E. Asian Countries. The software is highly parameterised, catering to localised Legal Requirements and with Security, Audit Trail, Context sensitive Help, Uniform User Interface, and Interfaced to the bank's Human Resources software and with IDMS.
Evaluation of a Banking System
A huge banking system (developed in UK with over 150 man years of effort), was evaluated in detail, mainly technically, but also commercially, on behalf of an investor. This involved a detailed code walk thru, document/design study and analysis, QA and survey to establish the soundness of the business plan. The system evaluated is a rich and powerful financial data warehouse and (real time) processing engine, for use in a Global Trading Institution. It is designed to work with the existing applications, which can act both as a source of data as well as users of information. It starts off with providing the user information about all the organisations business. It captures information from disparate sources and transforms it into a common, consistent view of customers, assets and events and their consequences. It lets the user build views of customer queries, risk analytics, global consolidation and management and reporting. The system is an intelligent MIS, in that it automatically processes events that are scheduled to happen during the life of a transaction. The highlight of the system is that it can work with the existing systems and gives the user the freedom to introduce new solutions as required.
Integrated Payroll System
Integrated Payroll System (IPS) is an interface to payment applications for funds transfer through ACH, Wires and Checks. It also provides financial information consolidation / reporting and EDI translation services. The services was being supported on IBM mainframe through individual mainframe jobs which are totally independent of each other. This has restricted further growth and enhancements to the system. Fusion re-engineered the existing application with new enhancements.
Financial Accounting Package
This software accepts Journal entries and posts the entries to ledger. Prepares Trial Balance and Profit & Loss Account. It also generates Account Wise Balance Reports.
X-Banker ( Banking Application )
X-banker is a Multilingual, Multi-currency Banking package which handles Retail and Corporate Banking. It handles various aspects of Banking like Loans, Deposits, Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Funds Transfer, Bills and Collections, Letter of Credits etc. Central Liability is one of the main features of X-banker. It also provides its customers the facility to receive their various Financial statements periodically through Mail or Telex. X-banker is available on LAN and UNIX.
Parameterised Payroll Accounting System
Design and development of an Employee Payroll System, under Visual Basic 2.0 (under Windows). This system provides for dynamic definition and formulation of earnings and deductions.
Financial Forecasting System
Design and development of a financial forecasting system in integration with a Financial Accounting software. Done for a multi national Company.