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Web Technology Focus


Oracle Business Alliance Partner

An international software development company providing a creative array of solutions from 'concept to implementation'.
A company to think of whenever you plan to outsource your software development needs, either in a project/product development mode or by having a dedicated team working for you


Our range of services

Whether it is project/product development, re-engineering/re-architecting of legacy systems, migrating applications to the web or large scale testing, see how we can be of help to you. Our current focus is on web technology with expertise in multi-tier architectures and object-oriented methodologies.

Like a tangram

Projects successfully executed by us

Web registry services, Internet Security protocol implementation, multi-tier intranet/internet applications, migrating existing applications to the web, network management and realtime/embedded software.


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About our logo

Tangram or the seven boards of wisdom was a game much favored in the courts of the emperors of the Ming dynasty. The seven self-contained units of the Tangram come together in myriad ways to form meaningful shapes. So do the strengths of Fusion, to give you a variety of solutions tailor-made to your requirements.


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