Our solutions


Inline with our focus on the web and related technologies, we have drawn up a comprehensive spread of options for you. Come to us for . . .

Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Development of web-based multi-tier applications
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Creation and maintenance of portals or registry services
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Multi-dimensional E-Commerce product development
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Testing services for huge, complex and transaction intensive internet/intranet applications
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Implementation of Internet Security layers and protocols
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Migrating your existing applications to the Internet
Bullet2.jpg (841 bytes) Providing Internet front-ends, alone (web-enabling)

On a more generic plane, Fusion offers flexible and attractive solutions to address your growing needs and demands. Whether it is a contractual/turnkey based solution or a more dedicated extended-organization kind of model, we can work for and alongside you.

The contractual model typically revolves around understanding your requirements and then putting together a proposal covering the proposed architecture, plan, efforts and costs to deliver the system you want. In the extended-organization model, we offer a variety of options and can further enhance them by putting together a package tailor-made to your specific requirement.

In either model, you get the benefit of our vast experience gained from designing and implementing software varying from real-time mission-critical systems to sclalable, interoperable and high-availability implementations for the web resulting in effective and extendable solutions.

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