Off Shore Project Management

Getting your software developed by a team physically present at your site, compared with getting the same developed by a team situated miles away, years ago, might not have sounded too viable or interesting. However, in todays world, if you sit down and think about it long enough, you realise why not. Advances in communication technologies and infrastructure are making the world smaller.

Just as body language, eye contact, a firm handshake etc. play important roles in face to face interactions, off-shore software development has its own set of intangible but vitally important factors. Factors that Fusion has been able to focus on, improve and inculcate into all our senior Project Managers.

Since Fusion's focus has always been on off-shore project execution, we have had the opportunity to build skilled Project Managers and fine-tune the various processes and factors in managing such development activities. Project Managers are the ones who hold teams together, they are the foundation on which the framework for a successful project can be built. At Fusion, we are proud to state that all our Project Managers have been with us since 1994. Customer satisfaction stems from a successful project and a successful project stems from a skilled Project Manager.