Quality, especially in software is different things to different people. It can be interpreted in a number of ways and each could be correct in its own way. At Fusion, quality means giving the customer exactly what he wants, within the time that he wants it, and most importantly, giving him a system that does what it is meant to do, the way it is supposed to do it. Of course, quality does not stop with just this. A system that is analysed, designed and built with constant attention to quality at each stage results in a system that is robust, flexible, extendable and predictable.

Quality cannot be achieved by individual brilliance alone. The entire organisation and the entire process has to play its part in delivering a quality product or system. As we professionals have become wiser with age and experience, the systems and procedures we follow at Fusion have also matured. Having undergone the test of time and constant improvement, we now have a process that enables us to deliver solutions to customers with an expected level of quality.

Customers who have very high standards of quality themselves have found that Fusion's promise of delivering high quality solutions is more than just a promise ; it is a reality.