Fusion Delivers Software Solutions for Union Bank of Switzerland
Ramesh Santhanam, CEO of Fusion, is delivering software development and maintenance services to major organizations around the world from his firm's development center in Bangalore, India. For Union Bank of Switzerland, Fusion has just rolled out a global, Web-based portfolio management system. This system enables the bank's IT executives to monitor the costs, resources and results of hundreds of projects under way around the globe at any moment in time. "We were selected not just for our technical skills," says Santhanam, "but, just as importantly, for our project management expertise."

Fusion specializes in banking and financial services, communications, network management protocols and Internet security; Business applications that demand multi-tier client-server solutions and on-line digital editing technologies. Through strict conformance software engineering methodologies and quality assurance procedures, Fusion delivers quality solutions from "concept to implementation."

"We're very proud of our work for major global corporations such as Union Bank of Switzerland, Digital, Kiosk, Hewlett-Packard, Citibank, Motorola and Texas Instruments," says Santhanam. "We strive for long-term relationships where we become a seamless extension of our client's business."