Fusion Software is a software development company. Founded in 1992, we have been providing software solutions to the industrial and commercial sectors. A collective experience of over five hundred man years in software design and development has paved the way for us to render cost effective and high quality solutions to the complex problems of the fast-growing world of today and tomorrow.
Fusion has a background in providing customised solutions to international clients in the areas of Banking and Finance, Multimedia, Communication, Internet and provides Consultancy for all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.
From our software development facility in Bangalore, we have successfully delivered projects in the areas of Multi-tier client server architecture, Middleware development, Internet/Intranet solutions, Security and Communications protocol implementation.
With effective project management and a right mix of on-site and off-shore teams, Fusion can bring you the ideal combination of high quality solutions at competitive prices and under tight schedules.
Our distinguished clientele includes - Union Bank of Switzerland, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Digital, Comsoft, Citibank, Sun, Coopers & Lybrand, Deutsche Software, Motorola, and Texas Instruments among many others.

About our logo

Tangram or the seven boards of wisdom was a game much favored in the courts of the emperors of the Ming dynasty. The seven self-contained units of the Tangram come together in myriad ways to form meaningful shapes. So do the strengths of Fusion, to give you a variety of solutions tailor-made to your requirements.