Concept To Implementation
Fusion's long term relationship with its clients underscores one of its core strengths, namely, our 'partnering' approach with our clients from 'Concept to Implementation'. We believe that we add value to the clients through our capacity to sit alongside the client's staff and conceive the idea for an application to enhance their productivity or business, draw up the functional requirements and to carry that idea through to successful implementation of a software system. In some cases, we go even beyond this, to enhance the functionality of the system and maintain it for the clients.

We have come across many challenges in different areas, which we have resolved successfully. We put this knowledge to the benefit of our clients, by first suggesting and then designing a quality system that is 'good', meeting the following criteria:

Functionality it does what it is supposed to do,
Ease of use it is intuitive and does not require much training for users,
Scalability it ensures that it can grow to meet the evolving needs of the client organisation,
Maintainability the system is modular and documented for the clients to maintain on their own, and
Interoperability the system can interface to other systems.
Our standards go beyond just being "user-friendly" and "as per requirements". Our clients deserve and get extendibility, flexibility and openness in terms of interfaces and maintainability at levels exceeding their expectations. Clients find our offshore maintenance model attractive, as it takes away most of the day-to-day problems from their team giving them enough time to focus on their core issues.