Fusion offers Virtual Software Factory

YOU'VE heard of software companies developing virtual products: Virtual reality, virtual phones and virtual just-about-anything. Now how about such companies themselves being on offer, Virtually?

Bangalore-based Fusion Software Engineering has recently begun offering its Virtual Software Factory (VSF) services. Speaking to Business Line, Mr. Ramesh Santhanam, Chief Executive Officer, Fusion, said: "Large companies can afford to set up development centres at the drop of a hat. But mid-sized US companies that have heard of India and want to make use of its manpower, cannot all afford to set up infrastructure from ground up. We offer our set-up, appoint new manpower for these projects and manage them on our client's behalf."

"At the end of a period, if the client wants to take over the team, we give the team away", he added.

So, what if, at the end of period, a client wants to get out of the deal? "Typically, we always have manpower requirements for projects that we take up for our own company. It's easy to shift these people into our own projects."

Fusion has been in talks with US and European firms for such deals. One Swiss company is at an advanced stage of talks with Fusion to set up a joint venture to develop software for the banking industry. Mr. Santhanam said: "The idea is to have a 25-member development team in one year. The target market would be Europe." He however, declined to reveal further details.

The company is also in talks with venture capitalists to fund its expansion and marketing plans.

In the next two years, the company will require about Rs. 5 crores to set up its US marketing operations, to recruit top-level management and to improve its software development facilities in Bangalore.

Recently, the Chairman of Fusion, Mr. Vijay Doshi had quit. Currently, he plays the role of an investor. Mr. Santhanam declined to comment further on these developments but said that talks with venture capitalists were at an advanced stage and the company would announce developments in six weeks' time.

It is learnt that in about six months' time, the company also expects to merge Ramsoft Technologies and Chip Software Consultants - two group companies with focus on the domestic market - with Fusion. According to Mr. Santhanam: "By that time, the merged entity will have a combined turnover of Rs. 10 crore or so."